About Me - Billy Gibbons

Im really not sure what to say about myself other than the fact that I just like to make people smile. This world we live in can be a drab place at times and I just like to make people happy and brighten up a dull day for people. If that makes me barking mad and crazy, then im guilty!

Below you can find some interesting facts about me:

Height: 5' 8"

Experience: Many years working in TV and Radio. These include GMTV, Collectors Lot, Shopping City, Big Breakfast, BBC Radio 1, Radio Stoke, Radio Shropshire, Radio KOOL Phoenix Arizona to name but a few. This includes being a Presenter on some of the above, as well as being a guest.

Memberships: Equity Card holder

Impersonations: Prince Charles, David Coleman, Zippy and George etc

Music: plays guitar, electric bass, double bass, drums, sings, songwriting and Siberian nose-flute (made the last one up!)

Hobbies: Hot Rods, Rockabilly music, 1950's memorabilia, Sci-Fi and the Paranormal


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